5 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Kids in the Pool
5 Fun Activities You Can Do With Your Kids in the Pool
Summer is here, so take advantage of the hot weather and have some family fun! Don’t worry about booking expensive trips or sending your kids to a summer camp.

Your swimming pool offers everything you need to have fun right in the backyard.

From classic games like the octopus and mermaid races to pool raft building and swimming pool scrabble, there are a ton of things to do without leaving home. Plus, both you and the kids will get your daily dose of exercise and spend quality time together.
Looking for inspiration? Check out these fun activities you can do with your kids in the pool:

Dolphin Races

Who says you need to go to the circus to see dolphin races? Gather your kids and get them into teams. Since you need at least four players, ask them to bring over their friends. The more people participate, the better.

Give a ball to each team. Challenge them to move it from one end of the pool to another. That seems easy, right? Well, there’s a catch. They must use only their noses to push the ball as the swim – just like a dolphin would do.

If a player uses his hands, he must return to the starting point. The winner will be the first team to finish.

Swimming Pool Scrabble

Pool activities aren’t just fun but educational too. Take swimming pool scrabble, for instance.

Use a permanent marker to write letters on a couple of sponges cut in half. Throw them in the pool and then ask your kids to collect all of the pieces. Make it a team activity or turn it into a race depending on how well your toddlers can swim.

Once all the letters are collected, play scramble together. Challenge them to spell their names or other words.

Pool Obstacle Course

Create a super fun obstacle course right in your swimming pool! Take a bunch of pool toys, hula hoops, beach balls, pool noodles, and other stuff, and throw them in the water. Build an exciting course that will require your kids to dive or jump through hula hoops, hit a target with water balloons, throw balls into a bucket for distance, and more.

Divide the players into teams and start the race. The first to finish the obstacle course first will be declared the winner.

Pool Basketball

Mix basketball and swimming for an extra dose of fun! Place one hula hoop in place of a basketball hoop at each end of the pool. Use a beach ball or a balloon instead of a basketball.

Form two teams and throw the ball into the middle of the pool. The first team to reach 10 points will win the game!

Treasure Hunt

Plan a fun treasure hunt in your backyard! Toss coins, rhinestones, or small toys into the pool and get your kids to dive in after them. Whoever collects the most coins wins – and keeps the treasure.

These exciting activities will keep your kids busy for hours! In the meantime, you can relax and enjoy the pool.

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