How Do I Keep My Pool from Freezing?
How Do I Keep My Pool from Freezing?

The cold weather can damage your pool and shorten its lifespan. In the worst case scenario, it may cause irreparable damage in pipes and crack the walls. Getting these things fixed costs a small fortune.

So, what’s the best way to protect your pool from ice damage? Should you keep it close or open? Are there any preventive measures you can take? Let’s find out!

Keep the Pump Running

The best way to keep your pool from the cold weather is to run the filtration pump 24/7 – or at least until the outside temperature rises above freezing. Just beware of the costs involved. Using the pump continuously isn’t going to be cheap.

Consider using a time clock with freeze protection sensors. This device will turn on and shut off your pumps based on the outside temperature. All you have to do is to install it and then set the freezing point. If you need help, call a pool service company.

Cover Your Pool

Winter pool covers offer excellent protection in the cold season. They not only prevent freezing but also inhibit bacteria growth and debris buildup. These accessories serve as a safety barrier and keep the heat it during the day.

For best results, use them along with floating icebreakers. These devices help prevent ice and frost from forming while reducing excess water pressure.

Protect the Pool Equipment

Shut down any systems that are not running, such as the chlorinator and drain plugs. Remove the open drain valves, chlorinator tubing, and other accessories. Install a Freeze Protector to automatically power on your pool heater and pumps.

Maintain the Proper Water Level

The water level in your pool tends to decrease when it’s cold outside. As a result, the pump will lose prime and the skimmers are going to run dry, causing the plumbing lines to freeze.

To protect your pool, keep the water level up at all times and make sure it’s circulating properly. Adjust the alkalinity in the 120-140 ppm range for vinyl-lined pools or the 80 – 120 ppm range for plaster pools.